Rajmahal war: Receiver goes on “demolishers”


Two days after the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) assumed control 12 bighas of prime area worth over Rs 1,000 crore close to the Sujan Rajmahal Palace lodging, Rajesh Karnal, officer in-control and collector of the property, documented a grievance with Ashok Nagar police headquarters, accusing JDA powers of breaking locks of their office without earlier cautioning on Friday. 

In the dissension, he has additionally affirmed that essential archives identified with the recent Jaipur imperial family were absent. 

"He (Rajesh Karnal) has documented a protest against JDA authorities, affirming that the JDA had broken locks of their office without giving earlier notice," Ashok Nagar station house officer Bala Ram said. 

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He said the police would explore the matter before recording the FIR. 

The Supreme Court had designated resigned Justice U N Bachawat as a beneficiary in a property question of the illustrious family. He had an office in Rajmahal Palace zone which was additionally decimated by JDA bulldozers. 

"We have had the workplace there since 1992. There is a property question in the past family. In this matter, the Supreme Court had selected a beneficiary, a resigned judge, Justice U N Bachawat," Karnal said. 

He said that a few reports identified with the merger of the then states, for example, Jaipur and Jodhpur to frame Rajasthan have disappeared. 

"Reports of properties of the Jaipur regal family are missing," Karnal said, including that the grumbling has been documented against Jaipur improvement magistrate (JDC) Shikhar Agarwal, agent chief (zone 1) Vishnu Kumar and JDA requirement officer (zone 1) Kishore Singh and different authorities. He claimed that JDA authorities had broken the lock of the collector's office, bringing about the loss of significant records when the JDA crushed the structures close to the Rajmahal Palace. 

In the protestation, he said that he had achieved the spot when he came to think about the move being made by JDA authorities. 

Despite the fact that he looked for seven days' an ideal opportunity to clear the workplace, the JDA chief declined to give any such consent. On Wednesday, the JDA had fixed three entryways of the Rajmahal Palace, including the principle passageway confronting the BJP central station.

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