Rajasthan Police: Criminal Tracking Network to be operational by year end


The project to track crimes and criminals in Rajasthan namely The Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS) project which has been lying in limbo for past several years, is likely to be operational by the end of this year according to statement given by Rajasthan Police.

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The IT enabled integrated data system will helppolice digitize lengthy crime records, FIRs and database of criminals to expedite investigations. Kapil Garg, Director, state crime and records bureau said, "Currently we are training our cops on the application. There is some technical procurement which is going on, but we are sure that the project will be operational ready by the end of this year."

Garg further added to the information that this project will help all police stations in the state as well as police headquarter (PHQ) in sharing and analyzing the crime records, chargesheets, crime trends, FIRs and other important details. "If a particular police station in some far flung coroner of the state arrests some suspects, then cops can match the details with the database available on CCTNS. CCTNS will throw up complete criminal history of suspects, and most importantly, police station will know if the suspect has been absconding or not," he added.

The idea of having a centralized integrated crime data sharing project was floated by the home ministry back in 2009. All state PHQs later started working towards the development of CCTNS to boost the national security apparatus. "The development of CCTNS was delayed due to some tender related issues, but these issues have been weeded out and we are now working on the final leg of the project," said Sharat Kaviraj, SP state crime and records bureau.

Kaviraj further added that while several other states have already rolled out their CCTNS, Rajasthan and Bihar were lagging behind. "Through this system, we will be able to check the progress of criminal cases too. The state data will be eventually added into a national crime tracking network which will interconnect all police stations of the country," a senior police official added.

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