Rajasthan land agreements: CBI lodges 18 FIRs, 4 against Robert Vadra’s organization


NEW DELHI/JAIPUR:  The central anti-corruption investigation agency carried out investigation on Wednesday and lodged 18 FIRs after Rajasthan government suggested a CBI investigation into land agreements in Bikaner involving Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra.

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A CBI spokesperson affirmed, “18 cases re-filed following taking over from Rajasthan government relate to deceitful and untrue claims and share in lieu of land obtained for Mahajan field firing range Bikaner which is utilized by the Army”.

The anti-corruption investigation agency lodged FIRs against 16 people at Gajner police station, on the other hand, the case were filed at Kolayat police station against two people in Bikaner amid August and September, 2014.

Image result for Rajasthan land deals: CBI lodges 18 FIRs, 4 against Robert Vadra's organizationRajasthan home minister Gulab Chand Kataria affirmed, the agency booked FIR against four people as they were allegedly connected with Vadra. “As many as 18 FIRs are registered and four of them are against Vadra’s company which was allegedly involved in illegal purchase of nearly 275 bigha land.” Kataria said.

“All the 18 FIRs are in link with buy of close to 1,400 bigha land in counterfeit names,” Kataria stated.

Image result for robert vadraIn year 2010, Vadra’s company bought 275 acre of land and it sell the pieces of land to fourth party in 2012. Responding to CBI investigation, state Congress chief Sachin Pilot affirmed, “BJP misuses CBI, ED and other agencies for political gains.”

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On December 31, 2014, the state government abandoned 18 alteration (transfer of ownership) in Bikaner after purportedly searching them to be unlawful.