Rajasthan: Jaisalmer to avoid plastic, utilize reuse sari bags


JAIPUR: The Jaisalmer district collector has come up with a new way out over the excess of plastic in the area. The district collector has directed localites to gift old saris which can be reuse into carry bags.

On June 5, the collector took lot of measures on the World Environment Day. Meena stated on Sunday that his new idea focus to solve two major issues including excessive use of plastic products and end of stray cattle from consuming the hazardous waste.

He stated that plastic was a major civic issue in Rajasthan, which has taken a significant step on the health of cows.

“We have learned that may cows have died due to eating hazardous plastic bags from dustbins. We will promote recycled bags from old saris as an alternative to plastic bags,” Meena stated.

On the other hand, plastic is prohibited in the state, it has not been very helpful in the non-existence of efficient options.

“An other option to plastic will address both these issues. We have requested that the general population give no less than two old sarees for every family. These old sarees can be kept at different assigned places in the city according to their benefit,” Meena included.

The region organization has additionally reserved in different affiliations, including brokers, for the reason. They have assumed the liability to reuse these saris into convey packs. “These convey packs will be dispersed among dealers who can utilize them set up of plastic sacks,” he included.

He stated the community has shown eager attention in the drive against plastic waste and was coming forward in various numbers to present old and rejected sarees.