Rajasthan: HC hears petition on land dispute


The Rajasthan High Court on Friday started hearing on a petition by SMS Investment Corporation (SMSIC) challenging the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) taking possession of land around Rajmahal Palace hotel on August 24. At the court of single bench of Justice K S Ahluwalia, JDA on Friday filed the reply to the petition claiming that the land in question was acquired by the state government and the compensation was deposited in court in 1993 after the party refused to accept the compensation. So the land belongs to JDA.

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However, it has accepted that the government had not taken physical possession of the land and the land remained in the possession of SMS Investment Corporation. The late Brigadier Bhawani Singh had leased out this land to the SMS investment Corporation in 1968 for 99-year-lease with his younger brother Jai Singh as its director.

The counsel for the petitioner Kamlagar Sharma said he would file a rejoinder to JDA reply on September 14. The petition said 19,098 sq yard of the sealed land belongs to the SMS Investment Corporation including the office which was taken over by the JDA illegally as the acquisition had lapsed, it claimed.

The corporation has contended that the land acquisition of 1974 had lapsed as the state government had never taken physical possession of the land. The physical possession of the land has remained with the SMSIC even after acquisition by the government.