Rajasthan government extends term of commission


Implementation of recommendations of seventh Pay Commission will be further delayed in the state as Rajasthan government has extended term of a commission constituted to prepare report for its roll out.

Committee headed by a retired bureaucrat DC Samant was formed in February to remove anomalies in salaries of workers while implementing the seventh Pay Commission. It was likewise mandated to make an estimate of financial burden on the exchequer and suggest new pay scales for the government employees.

The commission was given time of three months to present its report. Begun working on March 7, the term was to end on June 7.

However, committee has asked for an extension of around one month, saying that report is still in procedure of completion. The worker associations however charged that government is intentionally delaying the report.

“When it will be tabled, finance department will take around three months to study the report. This will give them additional time in implementing recommendations of seventh pay commission” said an officer bearer of an employee association.

There are more than 7 lakh workers in the state and around 3 lakh pensioners. According to the estimate, government should spend between 9,000 to 10,000 crore in giving pay salaries and allowances under seventh pay commission if all suggestions are accepted.