Rajasthan By Polls 2018: Congress leads in Ajmer, Alwar

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Rajasthan: Congress has left behind Alwar and Ajmer Lok Sabha seats during the counting of votes for the Assembly by-polls. At the same time, the Congress has also occupied Mandalgarh seat. The counting of votes for two Lok Sabha and Assembly by-elections started on Thursday from 8 am morning.

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Alwar-Congress ahead of 17,049 votes

Ajmer – Congress ahead of 80271 votes

Mandalgarh- Congress wins from 12976

According to the State Election Department spokesman, Congress candidate from Ajmer Radhu Sharma is leading from Ram Swaroop Lamba of BJP and Congress’s Karan Singh Yadav is leading from Jaswant Singh Yadav of BJP. Congress candidate Vivek Dhark at Mandalgarh assembly constituency is leading from his opponent candidate.

As per election department, Lok Sabha by-elections counting for Alwar, Ajmer and Mandalgarh Assembly by-election polling began at the district headquarters with lot of security.

By-elections counting in the state is being done through mandatory verification method. In Alwar Lok Sabha by-election, polling was held at Babu Shobaram State Arts College. The counting will be completed in different rounds in Tijara district, Kishangarh, Mundawar, Alwar, Ramgarh, Ramgarh, Rajgarh, Laxmangarh.

Similarly, for the Ajmer parliamentary constituency, the ballot started between the security arrangements in the State Polytechnic College where counting of votes will be finished in different rounds in Kishangarh, Pushkar, Ajmer, Ajmer, Nasirabad, Kekdi, Dudu.

Apart from this, counting of votes started at 8’o clock in Tilak Nagar of Bhilwara district at State Polytechnic College. Results will be made available on the Election Department website roundwise.

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It is worth mentioning that for the Alwar Lok Sabha by-election in January last year received 61.93 percent votes, Ajmer Lok Sabha by-election polls noted 65.59 percent voting while 78.68 percent of the voters voted in Mandalgarh assembly by-election.


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