Rajasthan : 17-yr old Dalit Boy Burnt Body Found In Alwar

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A 17-year-old Dalit boy was found dead at Bhiwadi in Alwar district of Rajasthan on Wednesday. The teenager was recovered by the cops in the Phool Bagh area on March 6. He has been found as Ajay Jatav.

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“Family members have affirmed that unknown persons set him ablaze alive following fight that occurred in Bhiwadi on March 3… preliminary probe has pointed out that the victim was not there when the clashes started,” Additional Superintendent of Police, Pushpendra Solanki wrote.

Eight people have been charged by cops but no one has been detained yet, cops affirmed. The final rituals of Ajay were carried out at the time of heavy police existence.

As per Mr Solanki, Jatav community members have proposed a letter hinting Ajay had committed suicide and earlier he made attempt to kill himself.

Ajay’s elder brother, Hari Kishan stated, “They hit him with sticks and bricks ahead of binding his hands and feet and spilling petrol on him.”

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As per the reports, Ajay and Neeraj Jatav was attacked by local people on 3 March. Kin asserts Ajay and Neeraj were good friends and “Ajay was with Neeraj when he was attacked,” Ajay’s brother stated.

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