Rahul violated SPG norms 100 times, says Home Minister Rajnath Singh


New Delhi: Union home minister Rajnath Singh commented on Tuesday in the Lok Sabha, charging Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi with 100 SPG protocol infringements. The extraordinary intrusion of over 20 minutes caught the Congress counters off guard following the rival party elevated the matter of stones being pelted in Gujarat at the vehicle in which Rahul was travelling.

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The home minister’s comments were a strange assault as, normally, customized perceptions identifying with the security of a national figure are not normal. Be that as it may, Singh had unmistakably come arranged and said the remote visits of Rahul – who he mockingly alluded to as “anmol dharohar (inestimable legacy)” – indicate 72 days when he didn’t have SPG cover.

“We need to know why Rahul Gandhi didn’t take SPG cover on a few remote excursions. What is he attempting to cover up,” asked Singh even as Congress individuals yelled trademarks. He said SPG protectees get security cover under an Act of Parliament. Congress part Mallikarjun Kharge scrutinized the administration’s aim, saying: “It is said in Jammu and Kashmir, fear based oppressors heave stones. Which Jammu and Kashmir psychological oppressor was in Gujarat? Or, on the other hand BJP laborers moved toward becoming psychological oppressors.”

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He said had the stone hit Rahul, he would have lost his life. “There were endeavors to slaughter him. He is the child of a saint, consequently we are not apprehensive,” he said. Home Minister Rajnath Singh said in the Gujarat occurrence, the Congress VP relinquished his impenetrable vehicle for a private Toyota, compelling the SPG group to move its driver to the private vehicle.

“The Supreme Court had likewise said that security cover is an inborn piece of the protectee, and Rahul disregarded his own security,” he included.  He said “Rahul Gandhi attempted 121 visits over the most recent two years, in which there were 100 security convention infringement of not utilizing an impenetrable auto.”

On Rahul’s visit to Gujarat on August 4, when his auto was assaulted, Singh said the propel security liaising in regard of his booked visit was finished. “At his rally scene, 4,000 individuals had gathered.Some accompanied dark flags. Rahul left the setting early. At Dhanera, a stone was hurled. It hit the back window, harming a SPG man,” Singh stated, including, “Stone-pelting either on government officials or security strengths is not worthy.”

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