“Raaz Reboot” Teaser Out


Haven’t we all been eagerly waiting for the trailer of Raaz Reboot? The day is inching closer everyone. Two teasers of the film were released today, and a trailer is just around the corner. The two teasers released do raise your intriguement about the film but fail to deliver any good scare. Lets hope the trailer is scary, or rather lets hope harder that the movie has something better to deliver.

From the two teasers we can say Kriti Kharbanda is the new Scream Queen on the block. But to match the panache of Bipasha Basu might turn out to be pretty tough. Not divulging much about the film, the teasers only show you some conflict between the three characters of the films. A few spooky scenes might give weak hearted goosebumps but die hard horror fans might be disappointed. There is a washbasin scene that people might find scary. The teasers looks so full of vibrant colors that they hardly seem like they belong to a horror movie.

There is a married couple living in a beautiful mansion in Romania. The couple is played by Kriti and Gaurav Arora (Remember Love Games? Never mind). Then there is Emraan Hashmi playing a dark character again in the series. He can help the damsel in distress. Again.