Qualcomm’s camera is designed to ‘Mimic Attributes of the Human Eye’


Qualcomm has come up with dual camera setup for smartphones.

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Double camera setups for cell phones aren't new, with HTC in 2014 propelling the One M8 with double camera setup at the back. The double camera setup has been of late seen on a considerable measure of cell phones including the LG G5, Huawei P9, and all the more as of late the iPhone 7 Plus. While trying to tap the pattern, chipmaker Qualcomm has presented its new Clear Sight innovation for double camera setups. The organization says that the new Clear Sight innovation is intended to "copy the traits of the human eye" which implies the setup can emulate elements of binocular vision. The organization is additionally itemizing shading and low light innovations, comparing them to the human eye's cones and poles.

Qualcomm says the greatest focal points of the new Clear Sight tech are that it empowers bringing pictures with enhanced element reach, sharpness, and less commotion in low light. The new double camera tech from Qualcomm is upheld by the top of the line Snapdragon 820 and 821 processors. Clear Sight can be relied upon to be seen on cell phones dispatched in 2017.

Specifying the new tech, Qualcomm says Clear Sight highlights incorporated equipment module that contains two cameras – every accompanies its own focal point and picture sensor. Both the cameras have diverse picture sensors: one shading picture sensor, and a different highly contrasting picture sensor.

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