Qualcomm unveils new Snapdragon Wear 1200 wearable device


Yesterday in Shanghai Qualcomm declares a 14nm Snapdragon 450 chipset and the under screen fingerprint technology. It also launched the Snapdragon Wear 1200 chipset. It will be featured in low-ending wearables and single-purpose IoT devices like parking meters and forcing stations.

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The Snapdragon Wear 1200 wearable device developed from the Wear 1100. It is almost half the size whereas counting support for LTE Cat M1 and NB1 technologies that permits ultra-low-power electronics to connect to an LTE network with least power utilization.

The categories max out at data speed between 10 and 50 Kbps, making the data utilization also irrelevant. Wear 1200 wearable device supports numerous tracking, counting GLONASS and Galileo. Some devices even have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Qualcomm’s fast charging technology.

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The SoC possibly would not reach an Android device, but certainly have seen it in basic fitness trackers. It will be used by IoT devices producers because of its size and improved connectivity. The chipset is by now accessible for shipping.