PwC, Microsoft join to empower India’s digital transformation


Worldwide consultancy PwC India has framed a vital union with Microsoft India to engage Indias advanced change, an announcement said here on Thursday. 

The announcement said the cooperation will help the business bridle a portion of the center abilities of both the organizations. 

"This vital association amongst Microsoft and PwC will enable the advanced change of expansive and fair sized associations in India by utilizing Microsoft's innovation ability and PwC's methodology capacities crosswise over areas and capabilities, including tax collection, brilliant urban communities and computerized India programs," the announcement said. 

As per the announcement, PwC has additionally joined Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program which will empower them to give their consultative and different arrangements at scale, safely to every one of their clients. 

"Our collusion of heading off to the business sector together is a stage towards helping corporates in their innovation empowered key change," said Deepak Kapoor, Chairman of PwC India. 

"For this, PwC will acquire its worldwide skill crosswise over businesses and its methodology through execution capacities to supplement Microsoft's mechanical abilities." 

PwC will extend Microsoft's effort to associations of all sizes and crosswise over numerous businesses, for example, monetary administrations , government and open segment, fabricating, customer merchandise and durables, retail/e-trade, human services and pharma, to begin their cloud and computerized venture, the announcement included.

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