‘Pushpa Bitan’ Workshop on Floral Art organized by INIFD


Jaipur: Kamla Poddar Group had organized a “Pushpa Bitan” workshop for two days on floral art. This two day workshop brought an interesting floral art concept for enthusiasts and floral professionals. The workshop was conducted at INIFD Jaipur campus.

Pushpa Bitan has been keenly active in bringing opportunities for enthusiasts and floral professionals to learn more about flowers & their arrangement since its inception.

During the workshop, many professional designers including Ms. Kavita Poddar showcased their special skills in traditional floral art. Apart from her, there were renowned Bangladeshi fashion designer and former international model “Bibi Russell”, Vinni Kakar and Priti Saboo.

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The two days demo/ workshop concept is designed in laying a dining table using wire technology. Waste things like Coconut shell, Broom stick, Copper wire, lemon, chilly, foliage, ribbon and flowers have been used for making home décor items in  festival season. Also, Lemon and chilli was used as the Evil Eye Warder also known as “NAZAR BATTU”  to keep home and businesses safe from all the evil spirits and let all the happiness be yours for always.

A new technique of body art where a simple bandage is used as a base. The bandage fabric part is covered with small flowers, foliage, grass etc. The trick is none of the fabric is visible then after the completion it can be stuck to any part of the body. As bandage is skin friendly so there is no damage to any body part. This workshop was beneficial for everybody. This can be used to greet patient and a mighty way you can make your patients happy by sticking those beautiful bandages to them.

“It was a great experience for Puspha Bitan members and INIFD students who actively participated in this workshop”, Kamla Poddar said.

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