Purity Comes From True Compassion: Acharya Shri



Life comes at the mercy of the root chord may not be over. Mercy is the only living element. If we have a view of compassion towards other organisms compassion will come in us.  Sant Shiromani Acharya Shri Vidyasagar Ji in Bhopal on Tuesday expressed the discourse on religion. Acharya expressed that if we would act with determination a reality will come in front of us.

Importance of Eid-AL-Adha

We should donate by being lively . Powered by the Dayoday Federation on the occasion he asked the Gaushaala officials not to collect more money than amount needed. He said to save the cows her own milk fed sons will come forward.

He said she ate grass and made us drink milk. In ancient times, the cow or her milk was not sold. At that time too we were so rich. We used to give cows  only in charity. Acharya said the cow sheds no confidence to trust God with rich drive. The donors should disciple his fortune to on the occasion of charity .

Acharya said that we are earning money, we must donate a percentage of our salary . After announcing about the charity we must immediately shift the donated objects to their charity locations.

Acharya said purity in a religion comes by grace. In the absence of mercy religion, religion is noting just a mere word. After solemn assembly RK Marble Pvt. LTD. Chairman Ashok Patni family waved to Acharya.

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