Purab Kohli shares screen with Sonakshi Sinha for “Noor”


Mumbai: Actor Purab Kohli has been paired with Sonakshi Sinha for the upcoming movie Noor. He will be playing the character of a photojournalist in the movie. Intract with media he said  "Yes, I've been meeting the team of producers and I'm excited to work with them. They were one of the producers on Airlift so it's a nice connection with Vikram and his team. I've known Sunhil Sippy's work for a long time now. He's an accomplished ad-film maker and I'm very taken with his vision for this film."

Talking about his experience working with 'Dabangg girl', he said, "She's a powerhouse and has an infectious positive vibe on screen. The film is pegged on her and I'm looking forward to what our energies will bring together. Ayan my character in Noor is a photojournalist, life's experiences have made him cynical though his charm and wit makes him attractive."

The film, based on a famous book ‘Karachi, You are killing me’, will be directed by Sunhil Sippy. It is scheduled to be shot in Mumbai and London. Sonakshi Sinha will also be seen playing character of a journalist.