Punjab will be made drug-free within one month, says CM Arvind Kejriwal


MEHATPUR: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government will make Punjab drug-free within one month if it comes to power in the next year's assembly polls in the state, Arvind Kejriwal today said. Speaking on the 6th day of his 11-day voyage through the state here, he charged that Akalis had "destroyed" Punjab by making it a "center" of medications and AAP would take it a test to check the threat inside one month of arrangement of its administration.

"So much more than 40 lakh youth of Punjab are caught in the medication organize, spread by Akalis and after development of government in Punjab, AAP will break the production network of medications inside one month and medication dependent youth would be restored by opening recovery focuses at war level inside six months and giving them business," Kejriwal said.

 Delhi Chief Minister said Congress is giving "false trusts" to the general population of Punjab by guaranteeing that it would battle against the medications danger. "Manmohan Singh government was in Center for a long time with synchronous lead of Badals in Punjab, however Congress never acted against Cabinet Minister Bikram Majithia, who has been working multi-crore medicate racket in Punjab," he affirmed.

Amarinder Singh contradicted the CBI test, which was being requested against Majithia by the Congress, Kejriwal asserted. "Both Badals and Amarinder have destroyed Punjab amid most recent 15 years and now the time is ready to dispose of them for which individuals were holding up fretfully," he said.

As Akalis have as of now noticed their "embarrassing thrashing" in the approaching get together surveys, they have professedly connived with Amarinder and "are challenging Punjab get together surveys mutually," he affirmed.

 Additionally, they have likewise held hands to wave dark banners at him (Kejriwal), else, "I have never observed Akalis demonstrating dark banners to Congress leader or the other way around," he asserted. Charging developing instances of "monstrosities" on Dalits in the state, he said AAP government would constitute a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to re-open and re-explore such cases to rebuff those discovered liable.

 Miserable BJP government, which asserted to be a "Panthic" has neglected to seize guilty parties of arrangement of blasphemy occurrences in the state, Kejriwal said. "Some of the time I think, in what capacity can the offenders of Bargari blasphemy occurrence could have been gone without scot, if Badals were not behind such episodes," he said in his 'Punjab Inquilab' rally.

 "Once AAP government is framed in Punjab, we will seize and put all guilty parties, who have befouled religious Granths, in jail", the Delhi CM said. "I speculate Badals needed to make common strain in Punjab through blasphemies episodes to occupy consideration of individuals from their disappointment on all fronts," Kejriwal said.

He affirmed that Badals have "crushed" Punjab to their fullest ability to mint cash. "Badals amid the most recent 10 years of mismanagement have amassed enormous cash because of their control on all organizations including transport, link, mining, alcohol and so on" he said. The gathering's national convener additionally guaranteed that AAP government would guarantee free treatment of growth in the state.

Indeed, even the standard of government schools would be moved up to coordinate the standard of private ones, so that wards of poor could be granted quality training, he said. Attacking PM Narendra Modi's visit to Bathinda yesterday, Kejriwal said "Modi neglected to declare any significant venture or bundle for Punjab, while in Bihar before decision, he reported a multi-crore bundle."