Punjab, Haryana ready to fight over Dera safety


PANCHKULA: A clashes between Punjab government and Haryana government is likely to take place today over safety measures issued to Dera Sacha Sauda head Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ahead he was taken into supervision by the police officials. The cops detained him on August 25 for sexually assaulting woman.

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Nearly nine commandos accompanied Ram Rahim for his safety, Haryana government stated. Among nine, three commandos were allegedly part of a proposal to release him following his arrest in Panchkula.

On the other hand, Punjab cops affirmed that it had reserved all its army on August 25. Till now, Haryana government has fired five commandos who were blamed of making attempts to release Gurmeet.

The cops found one bulletproof SUV, a Punjab Police gypsy from Ram Rahim’s dera headquarters.

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While, Haryana cops authorities affirmed that they have sent the Punjab cops a notice inquiring them to validate the existence of nine commandos in the army.

“Besides, constable Lal Chand of Chandigarh police and constable Om Parkash of Rajsthan too were present on the spot. We have asked the authorities concerned to provide details about them. We will ask these men to join the investigation,” the cops said.

Haryana police doubt why Punjab required to issue Gurmeet safety when he had not come into Punjab ever since 2008.

“There were eight Punjab police PSOs in the dera head’s security and they were withdrawn on August 25 when he was convicted by the Panchkula court.” officer said.

Image result for Punjab, Haryana ready to fight over Dera safety“Six PSOs had come back and two were arrested by Haryana police for additional lawful action,” it stated.

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Moreover, he refused that bulletproof vehicle was given to the dera chief.