Punjab CM hints at major financial decisions in Budget


Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Monday hinted that major decisions will be taken in the state budget to fulfill Congress’ key electoral promises. The CM underlined his commitment to good governance and brought up that 140 important decisions, which did not have financial implications, were taken by the government at the first Cabinet meeting. “The budget will address some of the more financially critical issues,” he said.

Various Congress MLAs accompanied Mr Singh on the occasion. Other people who were available included previous Union Minister Venod Sharma, senior Haryana Congress leader Kuldeep Sharma and Chandigarh BJP president Sanjay Tandon. However, he said he would not uncover the declarations likely to be made in the forthcoming budget, the CM said he was committed on satisfying each and every promise made to the people of Punjab.

Vowing to break the cable nexus of the Akalis, whom he blamed for monopolization of everything, including news, Mr Singh alleged the SAD-BJP regime had ruined the state “with its corruption and mismanagement”, which would be uncovered by the white paper his government would soon be discharging.

He likewise said that Major Leetul Gogoi, who tied a civilian in Jammu and Kashmir to the hood of an armed force jeep as a “human shield” against stone-pelters, exemplary presence of mind and saved his men from imminent death.

Major Gogoi had the choice of abandoning his mission or shooting his way in and out, which would have brought about numerous casualties, Mr Singh called attention to, including he would have done the same thing if he were in the major’s place.

The Chief Minister, however, stressed that the job of keeping up peace did not lie with the Army and Kashmir required a political solution, which just the central and state governments could give.