Punjab Assembly: 22 MLA of Congress holed up in lock


CHANDIGARH: Around 22 MLA’s is being expelled from the state assembly session. For the first time in India, around 22 dozen of MLA’s have locked themselves up inside the assembly hall for two consecutive nights.

MLA’s were seen holed up inside Punjab Vidhan Sabha Hall on the second day of meeting on Tuesday. They were unhappy with the Speaker for not letting them debate the no-confidence motion they had moved against the Shiromani Akal Dal-BJP government a day earlier on a number of issues.

The MLAs stayed inside the gigantic solid structure even as the force supply to the aerating and cooling and the corridor’s LED and incandescent lamps was cut off. The MLAs utilized electric lamps of the cell phones to discover their way on Monday night.

At first there were 27 MLAs inside the House however one of them was moved to a doctor’s facility after he fell wiped out. Additionally, the four ladies MLAs were advised to go home by the gathering. The ladies officials included Dinanagar MLA Aruna Choudhary, Muktsar MLA Karan Kaur Brar, Qadian MLA Charanjit Kaur Bajwa and Mehal Kalan MLA Harchand Kaur.

Congress had moved the no-certainty movement on Monday and declined to go out until they were listened. The stalemate proceeded on Tuesday with neither the Speaker nor the Congress MLAs moving from their stand.

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