Punjab: Akali Dal leader and his son assaulted pregnant nurse at private nursing home


MOGA: Paramjit Singh and his child Gurjit are both missing. The police have documented instances of criminal terrorizing and trespass against them.Paramjit Singh's significant other Daljit Kaur is a sarpanch or town head. 

On Thursday, the Singhs had gone to the Gupta nursing home to get a patient yet evidently lost their temper subsequent to being advised to hold up. Attendant Ramandeep, eight weeks pregnant, was forced to bear their anger.

Father and child are seen in CCTV visuals yelling at the staff and after that standing up to the medical attendant when she attempted to dissuade them. The video, which has turned into a web sensation, demonstrates Paramjit Singh and his child pushing and slapping the medical attendant.

"I just had requested that they hold up outside as they were perched on seats implied for staff. They couldn't take it and started to manhandle me… to which I protested however they slapped me and pushed me to the floor, they hit me despite the fact that I asked for them to extra me due to my condition," Ramandeep said.

"The twosome let us know they were from the Sarpanch's family…Since they are from the decision party, they attempted to utilize their clout and threaten them," said Rahul Gupta, who runs the facility.The occurrence signals humiliation for the Akali Dal months before races in Punjab