Punjab: 20-year-old boy found dead with his left leg chopped


CHANDIGARH: A 20-year-old man was discovered dead with his leg slashed off on Monday night in the Mansa area of Punjab, around 180 km from capital Chandigarh. Six individuals of his town have been accused of his murder.

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The police say the young fellow, Sukhchain Singh Pali, was included in alcohol carrying and slaughtered by individuals from an adversary group. The gatherings had purportedly conflicted a few times in the previous couple of months.

Mr Pali’s family asserts that he was killed in light of the fact that he was a Dalit. They have declined to incinerate his body until his missing leg is found and the charged – all upper station men – are captured.

The body is in the funeral home. Mr Pali’s dad Resham Singh says he was assaulted on his way home when he was assaulted late on Monday. The aggressors, he affirms, were driven by capable proprietors of the town who are included in alcohol carrying.

The body was found around 10 pm, after Resham Singh, on got notification from his child’s companions that he was assaulted, went to the police for offer assistance.

A FIR or police protest has been recorded against Amandeep, Balbir, Sita Singh, Babreeq Singh, Hardeep Singh and Sadhu Singh on Resham’s dissension.

Nearby government officials have grabbed the case and dissented in the town, asserting that Dalits are being annoyed and assaulted. In December a year ago, another Dalit man, Bheem Taank, was discovered dead in the state with his hand and leg slashed off.

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