PS4 Slim Reveal Coming at PlayStation Meeting


Despite the fact that it was just at first theorized, it shows up there might be strong sponsorship to the uncover of the PlayStation 4 Slim at the up and coming PlayStation Meeting.

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As indicated by sources who addressed The Wall Street Journey, Sony will hope to "present another PlayStation 4 standard model nearby a top of the line rendition one month from now." This would show that the PlayStation 4 Neo, which has been affirmed by Sony, is the new top of the line adaptation while the new "standard model" is the PS4 Slim.

This may likewise fit in with late spilled pictures that obviously showcase the outline for the PS4 Slim in all its radiance. Once more, this is all gossip and anonymous sources so bring it with a grain of salt. In any case, things are surely turning out to be all the more intriguing as we head into the PlayStation Meeting plan for September seventh.

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