Production house Balaji backs out of “Veer Di Wedding”


Actress Sonam Kapoor’s film Veer Di Wedding is facing trouble as their co producer Balaji is doing back out from the film.

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As the film “A Flying Jatt” has suffered huge loss, the production house of Balaji has decided to freeze its film production wing until they decide upon a suitable business model.

The reports have released that Anil Kapoor, the primary producer of the film has approached Eros to come on board as a co-producer at the asking rate of Rs. 32 crores. However, reports state that Eros, that has been going through its own share of troubles feels that the price of Rs. 32 crores is a bit too high for this all-girls-starrer.

Another problem with the making of the film is Actress Kareena Kapoor will not able to shoot for the film as she is pregnant.

Moreover, the film is facing various problems in terms of production, but hopefully all will be sorted soon.

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