Problems That We Have To Deal Every Day with Big Boobs


I've spent a large portion of my life managing huge boobs and trust me, while they look great … they make an entire group of living truly hard. They are super substantial. From boob abrading to spending a whole week discovering ONE bra that works … the twins have their own arrangement of significant issues. The three of us share an adoration despise relationship, to be completely forthright.

1. Boob chafing … don't even get me started on this. We, big boobs people, collectively hate summer because sweat and us?

2. Each time we bend forward, we have cushions to protect that precious heart. But yes, it can be annoying especially when you need to squeeze into tiny spaces.

3. Finding a bra is a HUGE task. Most lingerie brands either make cute, lacy bras in small sizes or big, comfortable but very ugly-looking bras in XXL.

4. While we rock the cleavage dresses, tube dresses don't get along too well with us. Also, we hate button down shirts.

5. We head to the loo, several times in a day, simply to adjust the twins and maybe deal with an under-boob itch. And remove the food that gets caught in our cleavage.

6. Most dresses don't fit us. And by most we mean EVERYTHING. 

7. The back hurts. Every day.

8. A sports bra doesn't cut it for us when we are working out. We need two sturdy bras to hold it all in.

9. The concept of no-straps bra wasn't invented keeping us in mind. 

10. Cross-body bags, seat belts … things can get awkward.

11. The idea of pregnancy and bigger boobs is HORRIFYING.