Problems of Marrying Into a Joint Family and How to Deal With Them


Marriage is a relationship in which Efforts are needed to play a lot, there is a lot to Adjustments.

Marriage brings with it a sea of changes that you've got to get used to but marrying into a joint family brings along a sea of people you've got to get accustomed to and trust us, that's a tough task! If you are married into a joint family you're probably nodding your head in agreement.

If the wedding is in a Joint Family has much to adjust. Problems have to face a lot. Sometimes these Problems can cause our relationship, such as marriage and we lose it.

No ‘me' time:

If you love walking into your room and being by yourself, it's going to take a lot of effort to come to terms with living in a joint family that is bustling with activity. 


Try to strike a balance between family time and your ‘me' time. Retire early to your room so that you can spend time doing whatever you wish to, and without feeling that your privacy is being invaded.

Endless drama:

Big, joint families involve endless drama. With so many different temperaments and personalities living under one roof, what else can you expect but arguments, gossip… But for someone who is new to this world of drama, it can be quite intimidating.


Stay out of any controversy. Try to play by the rules of the house at least till you learn how things work and then figure out what works best for you.

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Comparison with other family members:

There's bound to be a good amount of comparison if there are people of the same age in the family. So, it's pretty normal for the older family members to talk about how well-behaved one bahu is as compared to the other. Yes, it can be annoying!


Take the criticism positively and work towards making yourself better. (Or nod your heard, take in from one ear and take it out from the other.)

Making adjustments:

If you are from a nuclear family then a joint household can be daunting. For instance, cooking three times a day for 20-odd people who like different kinds of food. Plus, every house has its own rules and this one may have too many to deal with.


With a joint family there will be more people to please and more expectations to meet, but be calm and do your part right. Be nice!

Added responsibility:

A joint family means it's not just your husband and you, but a whole bunch of other family members that you have to think about. You've got to take everyone's happiness into consideration.


There will be a lot of expectations but you don't need to fulfill them all. Do what you can. Your new family will accept you the way you are. But it's a slow process, so, have patience.

Conservative clothing:

You might have to change your wardrobe from western clothes to Indian wear and this might not be fun. But it is awkward to wear short or revealing clothes in front of your in-laws.


This is something you need to clarify before you agree to marry. It's better to be transparent about things that are important for you and clothes are definitely one of them.

Ego issues:

Ego issues are tough to deal with and some of the elders in the family may demand a lot of respect.


Make sure you don't lose your cool; take this situation in your stride. And if you have said something unpleasant to your elders, apologise. This won't make you less significant; in fact, it'll only make everyone else happy.

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