Priyanka Chopra’s Baywatch Villain Wasn’t a Difficult Role


After enchanting her fans with her dazzling persona in American thriller series Quantico, Priyanka Chopra is good to go to demonstrate her dark side in her Hollywood introduction Baywatch.

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Looking all eager to play the foe and discussing her character Victoria in the film, Priyanka said: "She is greatly female, exceptionally malevolent, to a great degree delicious, manipulative and disparaging, which is not in the least Alex (her character from Quantico). These are totally diverse individuals," reports Interview Magazine.

"Victoria is solid since she has flunkies. She has individuals to do her grimy work. She doesn't take a gander at how to get comes about, she just gets them. She doesn't have ethical quality. In any case, additionally it's a comic drama," included the 34-year-old performing artist.

Discussing the experience of depicting a negative character, the Mary Kom star said, "It was such a great amount of amusing to have the capacity to make Victoria in Baywatch. It was great to bring that dark evilness into their positive, lovely world."

Gotten some information about how it was functioning with chief Seth Gordon, she said, "It was so much fun. Seth Gordon, the chief, is colossal a colleague, and same with Josh Safran, so far as that is concerned, on Quantico. I've been exceptionally blessed that the general population I've worked with have been such colleagues with regards to my characters."

Priyanka included: "It wasn't ever troublesome being Victoria, it was simply making. What's more, the delight of making is the most genuine satisfaction. I detest being advised what to do. I'm not that sort of on-screen character. I'm a reasoning performer. I have to work with individuals who can do that. Both Seth and Josh truly have a feeling of faith in what I convey to the table. I'm extremely appreciative that they have that in me."

Priyanka Chopra's Hollywood introduction Baywatch co-stars Dwayne Johnson and will hit the silver screens on May 19.

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