Priyank Sharma’s real girlfriend, see pics


In the wake of offering meetings to media and posting a few grief stricken messages on Instagram, Divya Aggarwal can at long last inhale simple. Her sweetheart and Bigg Boss 11 hopeful Priyank Sharma has said Divya is without a doubt his genuine sweetheart.

A couple of days back, Bigg Boss had shared an additional clasp from the house where Priyank was seen getting a back rub from Hina Khan. He advised her to go simple or his ‘jaan’ in the US may get furious. He was thought to discuss his ex of 10 years, Nikita Nagpal. Terrified that his present sweetheart, Divya, will see the clasp and poop will hit the fan, he argued to Bigg Boss to not air the clasp.

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Be that as it may, Bigg Boss, being the devilishness monger he is, publicized it. Divya saw it and was left troubled, thinking about whether Priyank was deceiving her about her relationship. She even gave a meeting to The Indian Express. “…He hasn’t talked once about me on the show and his ex has turned into the focal point of every one of his discussions. As these things are soaking in, I understand that the media had speculated this result and had in this manner been getting some information about our relationship consistently,” she said.

Divya speculated that the two may have met in Delhi when Priyank was kicked out of the house for getting rough with Akash Dadlani. “When he left the house, I was in China, and he was in Delhi, so we couldn’t meet. Be that as it may, we had our typical couple talks. I don’t know whether the ex was available in Delhi and they reignited their relationship for sure,” she said.

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Benafsha Soonawala says he has four. Be that as it may, he clears up he is involved with just Divya and Nikita is his youth companion.