Private Schools reserve seats for Poor Farmer Children


New Delhi: Children in middle school and high school have different challenges to deal with. The younger ones often face the problem of being allowed to continue on in school. In many cases their contribution is needed by their families and going to school is often not considered necessary. The older ones usually have secured the support of their families. They have to mainly deal with securing financial support to be able to finish school and to become self-determined young adults.  To help the children in exactly what they need at the given stage of their development, Government is now taking right steps to support poor farmer children. They are now developing different programmes and projects in support of them. They are preparing different quotas so that farmers can educate their children and made them to avail these facilities.

Industrial Development Authority gave its approval for reserving 20 per cent seats for farmers children in private schools in the area. The GNIDA (Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority) board approved 20 per cent quota in private schools for farmer’s children whose land has been acquired by the authority. The Board also approved 25 per cent fee concession to farmer’s children admitted under the quota, GNIDA sources said. Farmers whose land has been acquired by the authority can avail the quota facility for their children.Deputy Chief Minister and Education minister ordered all nurseries, playschools, crèches, primary schools and high schools, to reserve 20 per cent of its seats for students from the economically weaker sections (EWS).