Prisma Android App, now available for download from Google Play Store


The app accountable for the social media renaissance is currently available for Android smart phones too. You must have seen your iPhone friends sharing 'artistic', painting-like photos on Facebook and Instagram. Prisma is not precisely a photo-editing tool, but additional of an app with filters on steroids. The days when filters played with light and difference are passe. Prisma's filters make all additional apps sense lame, counting Instagram. The app lets you turn your seashore photo into a beach painting.  The Russian-made app uses "unique mixture of neural networks and artificial intelligence" to tweak the photos with 36 dissimilar filters.  The attractive thing about this app is that the similar filter may emerge dissimilar for different photos.

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 This occurs due to the machine learning algorithms at work. So every time you click a photo the cloud AI analyses it, distinguish dissimilar objects in the photo, and "prisms" it consequently. Some of these are based on art styles and famous artworks of masters like Munk, Picasso, and Van Gogh.  You can get a picture, select one from your gallery, or select one from Google Photos to turn it into an artwork. While the whole procedure runs on Prisma's remote servers, it might feel slow at times due to millions of users trying to turn their photos into a painting. The Prisma app topped the charts on Apple Store till Pokemon Go came along. Though, the artwork app is still leaving strong. According to its makers, the app has 'prismed' over 400 million photos so far. The app has been downloaded over 10.6 million times on iOS alone. The day before the app was introduced on Android, though; there are other apps that go by alike names on Google Play Store. It's not sensible to download any of those; they strength turn out to be malware. In the coming weeks, Prisma is predictable to add video support feature. The app, for currently, also lags at times and lacks some basic features like locally saving a photo. The approaching versions are predictable to sort these issues out. 

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