Prevent hypertension, diabetes and obesity in mid-life to lower heart failure risk


Recent study revealed that, preventing the growth of hypertension, obesity and diabetes in mid-life — between the age of 45 and 55 years — can result in an 86 per cent inferior risk of heart failure throughout the residue of life. Millions of people worldwide currently suffer from heart failure as well as face a significantly reduced quality of life and superior mortality rate.

The investigators have also further conveyed that, the research originated that hypertension, obesity and diabetes — major risk factors as well as extremely prevalent in individuals — is preventable risk factors for heart failure.

 Further, people with diabetes were establish to have a particularly strong connection with shorter heart failure-free survival, as those without diabetes lived on average between 8.6 and 10.6 years longer without heart failure.

 Men at age 45 years without any of the three risk factors lived an average of 10.6 years longer free of heart failure, whereas women at age 45 without any of the three risk factors lived an average of 14.9 years longer without heart failure.

John T. Wilkins from the Northwestern University at Evanston, in Illinois, in the US has also further conveyed adding that how individual and collective risk factor levels, specifically in middle age, affect occurrence heart failure risk over the remaining lifespan.

 Researchers has also conveyed that, prevention of hypertension, obesity and diabetes by ages 45 and 55 years may substantially extend heart failure-free survival, reduce heart failure-related morbidity and decrease the public health impact of heart failure.