President Obama today blasted Donald Trump, saying he treats the presidential race as an “infomercial”


NEW YORK: US President Barack Obama today impacted Republican chosen one Donald Trump, saying he regards the presidential race as an "infomercial" and demonstrates no enthusiasm for increasing "simple information" required to make "hard choices" at work. 

President Obama, who touched base in the city yesterday for his last UN General Assembly session, tended to around 65 individuals at a pledge drive facilitated by restaurateur Danny Meyer and his significant other, in New York. 

Calling Mr Trump, 70, as the "other person" in the race, President Obama repeated that the New York extremely rich person is not qualified to be President of the US and pummeled him for not demonstrating any enthusiasm for picking up learning required to settle on intense choices consistently in the White House. 

"This person is not qualified to be President. Also, he demonstrates no enthusiasm for picking up the simple learning required to settle on truly hard choices on an everyday premise. There's no interest, there's no yearning to get up to speed. It's an infomercial. It's a reality appear," President Obama said. 

He called it aggravating that Mr Trump's race for the White House is "taking advantage of some of our most exceedingly awful motivations as a nation – ones that partition us as opposed to unite us; ones that try to put down individuals who have been generally defenseless rather than lifting them up". 

President Obama commended Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her "unerring" judgment, experience and train in each employment that she has had, saying he is "completely sure" she will be an "incredible President". 

He likewise brought up that America has not had a lady president so far since the general public is scared by effective ladies. 

"I will likewise say that there's a motivation behind why we haven't had a lady President; that we as a general public still think about seeing effective ladies. Despite everything it inconveniences us from multiple points of view, unjustifiably, and that conveys what needs be in a wide range of ways," he said. 

He depicted 68-year-old Ms Clinton as "shrewd, who is extreme, and above all, who thinks profoundly about ensuring that this nation works for everyone and not only a couple". 

"Furthermore, she's showed it over and over and once more. Also, when I said that I think she is some person who is as qualified as any person who has ever keep running for this office, I would not joke about this. Furthermore, her judgment has been unerring, and she has been restrained, and she has been remarkably viable in each occupation that she's had," he said. 

Taking note of that while each race is charged as the most imperative of a lifetime, President Obama said this is "valid" for the 2016 race. 

"So this ought not be a nearby decision, but rather it will be. Also, the reason it will be is not a direct result of Hillary's defects, yet rather on the grounds that, fundamentally, we've turned into an extremely energized society," he said. 

He communicated certainty that the American individuals will make a "decent choice and we're going to win this thing".