President Obama and PM Modi forge an ‘unlikely friendship’: A report in the New York Times


Washington As President Obama motivates prepared to host Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the White House for the second time in the same number of years, a New York Times report portrays the bond between the two as an "impossible fellowship".


"There are couple of connections amongst Obama and a different universe pioneer more improbable than the one he has with Modi," The New York Times said in front of what will be the seventh meeting between the Indian head administrator and the US president.


The report said the two biggest vote based systems on the planet have "convincing reasons" to discover normal cause.


For instance, the US is empowering India's ascent as a provincial goliath for Obama's alleged "turn to Asia" strategy and counter China's worldwide financial and military superpower desire.


For India, the US security, as indicated by the Times, is expected to "quicken its economy with an infusion of venture from American organizations".


Be that as it may, the relationship amongst Modi and Obama is still "improbable".


The Times said Obama has made the security of minorities a focal mainstay of his life since he trusts that "feedback and difference are center precepts of majority rule government".


"Be that as it may, Modi, by differentiation, spent quite a bit of his life ascending through the positions of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a conservative paramilitary association that crusades powerfully for India's Hindu lion's share," it said, reviewing the Gujarat religious mobs that saw around 1,000 individuals, a large portion of them Muslims, murdered in 2002 when Modi was the central priest of the western Indian state.