Premier Futsal to be held twice in a season, says Figo


Premier Futsal President Luis Figo has confirmed that Premier Futsal league will be conducted twice in a season. He has also said that, the second edition will be held in January next year. 

"Yes, we are looking at January for the second season. We are here to promote Futsal for Futsal, not for any other motive. It is a private investment, so our focus will be to create this property," Portugal football legend Figo said at a media interaction.

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From the next edition, “the number of teams will be increased”.

"Going forward there can be 8, 10 & 12. We hope we can improve the quality of the game. Whatever happens along the way, it will. There always are problem, which are always going to pull you down. But we must focus on or end objective and do our best for Futsal," said the former World Player of the Year and 2000 Ballon d'Or winner. 

Figo said, "This is the first Indian platform for Futsal where Indian talent can play with international stars. India has great passion for sports, with full stadiums, I think there is great future for Premier Futsal." 

Figo quoted, "Most important is the passion & the will to work hard & chase your dream. Indian players can work hard & I'm hoping through my academies I can help them achieve that dream." 

"I could have played, but there is conflict of interest else I would have played,” he said.

"Futsal Leagues are played differently in different parts of the world – when there is private investment there is a lot more scope of experimenting & making the sport more interesting. Our job is to popularise the sport ”, he added.

Figo said, "Ronaldo is the evolution of skills, maturity & experience. He is what football is all about. He is serious about his game & that's what makes him what he is today from what he was when he first came on the scene.“

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