Premature newborn confirmed dead in hospital found ALIVE by relatives seconds before cremation


An infant proclaimed dead by medical attendants was discovered ALIVE seconds before she was going to be incinerated.

The infant young lady, who was conceived rashly at 24 weeks old, weighed only 350 grams when she was conveyed by staff at the Pandit Brij Sunder Sharma General Hospital in Bundi, Rajasthan.

As the debilitated child lay in hospital unmoving, specialists pronounced her dead and exhorted relatives to incinerate her that day.

The presentation was made by nursing staff without examination by a specialist or pediatrician.

What’s more, relatives soon understood the oversight when they saw the infant’s heartbeats and breathing as they arranged to incinerate her.

The infant was surged back to doctor’s facility where she stays in serious care.


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One relative stated: “We had the conveyance around 6am in the morning.

“They disclosed to us that the infant has terminated and we ought to get her incinerated.

“We took her for incineration and arranged everything.

“When we lifted her towel, she was relaxing. We took her back to hospital and they conceded her to the emergency unit.”

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Another man, who gave off an impression of being a specialist, said her survival was “not really conceivable”.

A request has been propelled into the occurrence.