Pregnant lady dies before reaching hospital as Ambulance gets stuck in jam


A 35-year-old pregnant lady along with the yet to be born baby died after the ambulance in which she was transported to the Karauli’s district hospital got stuck in the jam only 200 meters far from the hospital.

Despite the fact that a team of doctors came to go to her after relatives triggered panic button, they declared the baby and mother dead. Relatives me alleged that the encroachment on the road connecting the Karauli city to its hospital was responsible for the delay.

As per the sources, the woman identified as Tara Devi already a mother of 4 kids got labour pain in the morning on Tuesday at Gurdey town under Langra police headquarters area of Karauli area of the state, which is her native village. When the women members including her relative raised an alarm the relatives rung for a private ambulance to transport her to the district government hospital which was almost 36 kms from their town.

“We were moving in appropriate speed and were happy that we were reaching the hospital on time. But while the ambulance was going through Sabzi Mandi(Vegetable market) of Karauli city got stuck in the jam due to excessive presence of vegetable vendors on the road. My better half was crying in pain and I pleaded everyone to take their carts away to give the ambulance a chance to move further but it was hullabaloo all around.. At this time we were only 200 meters far from the hospital building,” said Amar Singh while conversing with media over phone from Karauli.

All of a sudden when Amar Singh, a daily wages labourer, and his mom saw that lady went unconscious they chose to run towards hospital to call up the medical and para medical staff to the ambulance. However, almost after thirty minutes the best approach to move ambulance was cleared and the family reached the hospital but by then the mother and the tyke in the womb had passed on.

The family have not lodged any case at the police headquarters, however the spouse said that the authorities should guarantee that the Sabzi Mandi(Vegetable market) near the hospital get moved to some other place. “I have confronted it for the first time and I know many individuals must be facing it regular,” he said.

Hospital authorities said that by the time lady reached the doctor’s facility she was dead. “A post mortem was conducted to get the correct reason for death. Her reports given by her better half demonstrated that she was likewise anaemic and had an issue of low blood pressure,” said a senior specialist.