Precaution to be kept during “Shraadh”


While giving the message of “shraadh” god says, “If according to the vedic rituals you don’t know me  then the service done during Shraadh for your ancestors also work for me. Those who worship devta are received by devta, ghosts by ghosts and my worshipers are received by me hence they are not reborn.”

Do you know who performed the first memorial service

It is written in 'Harit  Smriti' – house in which the Shraadh does not occur doesn’t have brave sons in their total-dynasty. There remains no cure. Mess and wrangling continues for whole life. One does not get any welfare.

According to the Vishnu Purana, Brahma, Indra, Rudra, Varuna, Ashtvsu, Ashwani Kumar, the sun, the Agni, wind, sage, animals, birds, humans and the universe also gets satisfied by performing shraadh.

Every human being born on this earth is obsessed with three loans. First the Dev debt, second the sage debt and third the parent loan debt. But some precautions also should be taken in Sraddon which makes our ancestors happy. Let us show you what precautions you should keep inshraadh ….

Keep these precautions in memorial

1.Person doing the shraadh should not have Paan, sex, oil massage.

2. Person doing the shraadh should not eat or travel again in a day.

 3.After eating, avoid exertion and memorial reception.

 4.Person doing the shraadh should not call more than 3 brahmins and many relatives.

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