Prankster placed stickers that look exactly like power outlets at an airport, see what happens next


How often have you found that your phone’s battery is dangerously close to draining out and begun hunting frantically for a power outlet to charge it? If you’re anything like us, probably too many times to count. Also, that is the reason you’ll know and appreciate that feeling of overwhelming relief that washes over you when you finally recognize a place to charge your phone. Which is probably why Twitter is divided more than one man’s prank at an airport in the United States.

This is what happened. A Twitter client who passes by the handle @JustBasicDave on the micro-blogging site chosen to prank fellow travelers at the Miami International Airport late last week.

First, he placed stickers – yes, stickers – that look exactly like power outlets around the airport:

Then, he filmed confused travelers attempt to charge their phones and laptops:

“At first, individuals were mad, then confused and then (they) giggled,” the prankster recognized as David McDonald revealed to media. “After I was done video taping, I told them what I did and they all laughed and we acted like nothing happened and waited for the next person to try it.”

Mr McDonald guaranteed ABC News he took the sticker down when he cleared out to go get his flight.

Twitter’s verdict:

Watch out!