Power Minister Kadakampally Surendran: No load shedding or power cut for next five years


The legislature will guarantee that there is no heap shedding or power cut next summer, in spite of the dubious stockpiling position in hydroelectric undertakings brought about by the precipitation shortfall this year, Electricity Minister Kadakampally Surendran has said.

Tending to a meet-the-squeeze program composed by the Kerala Union of Working Journalists here on Tuesday, he said the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) had worked out an alternate course of action to hold over the late spring months.

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"Taking after a feeble southwest storm, the inflow into repositories has backed off to 45 for every penny of the typical rate. This represents a genuine emergency for the State," he said. Mr. Surendran said the administration had started ventures for the buy of 150 MW of energy to take care of the taking off demand amid the pinnacle summer months of April and May.

 Endeavors were on to preserve the water in stores by expanding reliance on power obtained from different States. At the same time, endeavors were on to finish the Edamon-Kochi transmission hallway to bring power into the state.

Upwards of 21 sub stations would likewise be appointed by March 2017. The Minister said the legislature had worked out a calender to enlarge control era by 1,100 MW throughout the following three years. This incorporates 700 MW of sun based power and 100 MW of wind vitality. The main period of a 200-MW sun powered stop at Kasaragod was relied upon to be appointed next January.

 A team had been set up to screen the venture and guarantee its finishing in three years. The proposition for another 200-MW sun based stop in Kasaragod region was prepared and anticipating Cabinet freedom for securing of 1,000 sections of land. Another 100 MW of vitality would be produced by sunlight based power plants to be introduced in land possessed by the KSEB.

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