Power department has suspended a vigilance executive engineer


JAISALMER: The power department has suspended a vigilance executive engineer for dereliction of duty following rising number of power theft cases.

Engineer Vijay Kumar was expected to visit towns to check control power theft and was suspended on Tuesday when it was found that he was not making field visits. Besides, the state govt had suspended five authorities, including two collaborator engineers presuming conspiracy with power cheats.

The state govt has coordinated to escalate the crusade to catch lowlifes included in power robberies in Jaisalmer. Boss architect of Jodhpur Discom S K Shah said, taking a gander at the ascent in the occurrences of power robberies in most recent six months, Discom's carefulness group have expanded its endeavors to control them. "The group has enlisted 250 instances of force burglaries alongside 30 transformers, which plainly demonstrates that power robbery is occurring at a substantial level,'' he said.

Shah said the govt has guided for measures to decrease transmission misfortune. "As no move was being made by the specialist against the blamed, he was suspended alongside others,'' he said.

He said a panel was shaped over the expanding power robberies and in view of the board of trustees report, five power faculty were suspended. He said, on Tuesday, at Kiralia town under Lathi police headquarters zone, kumar did not oblige the carefulness group which included 32 others. The group was assaulted by the villagers, he included.

SP Gaurav Yadav said a group of vast number of police faculty has been sent to attack and capture the guilty parties. Vast number of individuals has been gotten and will be captured after recognizable proof.

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