Posters showed PM as Ram, Kejriwal as Meghnad and Sharif as Ravan in Varanasi Rally


A rally was carried out in Varanasi today by the BJP members against the Kejriwal as he has demanded for the proof of Indian Army's surgical strikes that was held in PoK.   

During a rally, Shiv Sena members made epic posters which showed PM Narendera Modi as Lord Ram, Kejriwal as Meghnad, and Pakistan's Nawaz Sharif as Ravan.

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In the rally, Shiv Sena members displayed the posters of "Ram-like" Modi with his arrow pointed towards Ravan, who in this case happens to be Nawaz Sharif with ten heads.

While, Delhi CM Kejriwal was featured as Meghnad in the rally.

The poster was put up by Shiv Sena in Varanasi which stated  that, “One more surgical operation needed to finish Ravan-like Pakistan.”

In Ramayan, the holy Hindu content, Meghnad was the child of Ravan who had slaughtered Ram's sibling Lakshman in the epic fight in Lanka. Lakshman was later breathed life into back by Hanuman.

Kejriwal, aside from a couple of members in the Congress, has been a prime focus of the BJP after he discharged a video requesting the verification of the India Army's cross-fringe strikes "to unmask" the publicity by Pakistan, which has denied any such operation occurred.

BJP's Rajya Sabh MP Subramanian Swamy said Kejriwal is "against national in character" and requested that the Center ought to consider to release his administration. Senior BJP pioneer from Uttar Pradesh Vinay Katiyar said the Delhi Chie

Clergyman is "talking the dialect of Hafiz Saeed".

With a noteworthy race in politically-basic Uttar Pradesh due in around six months, the governmental issues over the surgical strikes will undoubtedly heighten in the state and different parts of the nation.

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