Popular Sheetla Mata temples in Rajasthan

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Whole nation is celebrating festival of Sheetla Mata today. On this day, women go to temple in the morning and offer prayers to Sheetla Mata. Women in the household prepare food one day before doing worship and the very next day they offer food to Lord Sheetla to get her blessings. This festival holds great significance among every person. If you are looking for famous temples of Sheetla Mata in Rajasthan to offer prayers, then you should visit these temples listed below:

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Chamatkari Mandir, Pali:

The temple of Sheetla Mata located in the Pali district of Rajasthan is very famous. Several tourists come to this temple to get blessings of Sheetla Mata. This temple is half-feet deep and has a pitcher which is opened twice a year for devotees. According to the belief, no matter how much water you add in it, it never fills. Even the scientists have researched about its mystery but couldn’t able to find the reason behind it. It is believed that this water is consumed by monster.

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Sheel Ki Dungri, Jaipur:

This temple is situated in the Chaksu Tehsil of Jaipur district. There is a village famous by name Sheel ki Dungari where a big temple of Mata is situated on the hill.  Women and men go to this temple at night to worship Sheetla Mata in the morning. After doing prayers, stale food is eaten here as a Prasad. Sheetla Mata is a mother who is worshiped in a disrupted form and she is worshiped especially by people of Kumhar society.

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