Popular Celebrity Drug addicts you don’t know about


Charlie Sheen: Charlie Sheen has a history of drugs, alcohol and women. Going with the rumours, it is said the Two-and-a-half-men actor once spend $2000 in a single day on drugs.

Robert Downey Jr.: Robert Downy Jr. first tried drugs at the young age of six. But, it wasn’t until 1996 that the actor got arrested because of his addiction.He was infamous for heroin, cocaine and alcohol addiction.

Russell Brand:  Cannabis, booze, acid, speed, coke, crack, heroin… Russell took drugs every single day at one point in his life. But thankfully, he has not used drugs for more than 10 years and is living a happy life now.

Drew Barrymore: Former child star Drew Barrymore’s drug abuse story at a young age is well-known to everyone. The situation was so worse that she got into rehab at the young age of 13.  But now  she has a beautiful family and career.

Johnny Depp: Johnny Depp’s life has always been a mystery. In the 1990’s, the actor met Kate Moss and they both romanced drugs. Kate and Johnny were the chicest, the druggist couple since Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg.

Demi Lovato: Demi Lovato has opened up about times when she couldn’t go more than 30 minutes without cocaine. She also admitted that she even smuggled it into airplanes. But, the singer is over addiction.

Lindsay Lohan: Lindsay Lohan herself admitted that she is a drug addict and since then she had lost the track in her life because of cocaine and alcohol abuse, DUI arrests, jail time and multiple stays in rehab.

Angelina Jolie: Angelina Jolie is a goodwill ambassador involved in humanitarian efforts. But the actress has herself revealed that “I’ve done just about every drug possible. Coke, heroin, ecstasy, LSD, everything.

Mary-Kate Olsen: The “Full House” actress Mary-Kate Olsen struggled with cocaine addiction that led her to stint in rehab.  In a book, she wrote, “I was pulling off the deceit.

Megan Fox: The stunning beauty has herself admitted that “I’ve done drugs, and that’s how I know I don’t like them.,” “I know about five people who aren’t on drugs today, and I’m one of them.”