Policy needed to prevent data monopoly, says Nandan Nilekani


Bengaluru: Past UIDAI chairman Nandan Nilekani has conveyed that he was intensely concerned that data would make new monopolies and a model of colonization. With Smartphone’s urging data detonation UIDAI chairman further conveyed that, aggregation of data in few platforms or aggregators is a big risk.

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Nilekani told to D J Patil, the chief data scientist for the Obama administration that, the main part of public policy over the world is how we implement a policy reform, where data is open, shared and is portable.

The data is yours and you have the right to get it back. In India, we don’t have anything like a strategy yet. On Tuesday the conversation is on how data analytics would change India, was organized by learning platform Upgrad.

Before joining the US administration, Patil held higher positions at LinkedIn, eBay and RelateIQ. Supplying a US perspective, data scientists Patil further conveyed that around $45 billion was spent on moving traditional healthcare data to electronic medical records.

He also further added that, people build tech that is not user-centric. In case, nurses and physicians not like it, it was CIO-centric. The provocation is harder in the US. If those records are inside hospitals and pharmacies, they are not probable to give it up.

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