Pokemon Go hurts Emotions of Jains and Hindus


The Gujarat High Court on the Pokemon Go, a mobile phone game wants to ban, on the grounds that it would hurt the religious sentiments of the Hindus and Jains on Wednesday is likely to hear a PIL.

Alay Dave, the petitioner, has contended that the game makes players enter various places of worship including temples and derasars to score points. He says that those who succeed are rewarded with eggs.

Dave says temples and offering eggs for derasars people in the virtual world, is highly objectionable because religion is to promote non-violence and the promotion of vegetarianism.

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Pill raises another issue is the safety of players and others. The formal launch of the petition to stop the game in India directed the Centre and the state government have demanded.

This is the second PIL spurred by Pokemon. A PIL filed earlier had sought ban on the game stating that though it had not been officially launched here, people play on a hacked version. Once the full version is available, the PIL said, one can imagine the chaos. This petition could also come up for hearing later this week. The game has been banned in Iran over safety concerns. Its developers have been sued in New Jersey, the US, because people playing it often trespass into private property.

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