“PM Narendra Modi tweets about everything, but not Kashmir”, says Ghulam Nabi Azad


In context of Kashmir issues, Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad targeted PM Modi and said that, “There is murder of humanity and democracy in Kashmir and called for integration of hearts for an amicable solution to the crisis.”

Azad tweeted that, “PM Modi talks about everything, but not Kashmir.”

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“The law and order is not the sole responsibility of the Kashmir Police…the paramilitary forces are also involved. You call Jammu and Kashmir an integral part of India, but there needs to be integration of hearts between the people of India and Jammu and Kashmir,” he added.

"The peace is not the sole obligation of the Kashmir Police… the paramilitary powers are likewise included. You call Jammu and Kashmir a fundamental piece of India, however there should be coordination of hearts between the general population of India and Jammu and Kashmir," he included.

Declaring that the Congress Party has been over and again requesting that the Prime Minister ought to come and make explanations on the Kashmir and Dalit issues in the Parliament, Azad said, "Don't simply cherish Kashmir for its excellence, love Kashmir for its kin, and adoration the youngsters and individuals who lost their eyes in challenges."

"When you talk from the heart, the message contacts the general population in Kashmir. In any case, in the event that you simply talk from the tongue, it stays inside the dividers of the Parliament," he included.

The senior Congress pioneer expressed gratitude toward Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh for the benefit of the Opposition for permitting examination on Kashmir issue in the Parliament.

"We didn't hear the Prime Minister's announcement on Dalit issues here in the Parliament. We got the chance to catch wind of his perspectives from Telangana. He ought to talk in the Rajya Sabha on the Kashmir issue," Azad told the Rajya Sabha.

Bringing up that there is a distinction amongst communalism and separatism, Azad said the activists don't have any religion, be they from Punjab or Kashmir.

"There is homicide of humankind and majority rules system in Kashmir. "Kashmiriyat" and "Insaniyat" are killed by pellet weapons. We as a whole ought to mutually take out an answer for this. Everybody in Kashmir is a casualty of militancy. A large portion of us have lost their precious ones because of this militancy in Kashmir," he included.

Taking an agree at the BJP-PDP coalition in Jammu and Kashmir, the senior Congress pioneer called for mix between the Center and state government.

Azad said that Prime Minister Modi would have put forth the expression from Parliament and not from Madhya Pradesh had there been incorporation.

Declaring that the previous UPA administration started numerous certainty building measures, the Congress pioneer further said the Parliament must offer individuals for peace in Kashmir.

"Jammu and Kashmir has a check in time, numerous individuals have been harmed. Regular folks have confronted misfortunes. What's more, as Parliament is on, we as a whole need to share their torment," said Azad.

There ought to be an all-gathering designation and an addressing that should be sent to Jammu and Kashmir. It ought to be reported amid the Parliament," he included.

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