PM Narendra Modi to address citizens of Delhi Today!


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address citizens of Delhi today at the indoor stadium. The session has been described as Obama-style townhall.

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  1. The session is scheduled to held between 5 and 6 pm between which will be addressed by PM Modi. Apart from PM Modi, there will be several other top ministers who will also engage with people in sessions.
  2. The occasion will be held as “MyGov” portal has completed its two years. In the event,  a new app will be unveiled for the mobile users to connect with website of the Prime Minister's Office.
  3. In the event, about 2000 people have been called up as audience, chosen for their engagement with MyGov. "They would be selected from among the regular users of MyGov, based on their ideas, level of engagement, questions and suggestions," said MyGov Chief Executive Officer Gaurav Dwivedi.
  4. The reports revealed that the opening session at 10 am will be anchored by IT Minister Ravishankar Prasad and the sessions just before the Prime Minister speaks will feature Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.
  5. The Prime Minister, Mr Dwivedi said, will talk about the concept of citizen engagement. Ministers will answer questions on the Government's working and performance.
  6. To improve the user experience on MyGov portal, fresh ideas will be invited by the people and new features will be introduced for the platform. Moreover, a panel discussion on this will feature social media representatives.
  7. During the event, four sessions and panel discussions will be held which will consists of "Do, Discuss and disseminate" theme before the Prime Minister's address.
  8. PM Modi will give awards to the winners of competitions held on MyGov portal.

 MyGov portal was launched by PM Modi in 2014. Currently, it has 3.53 million registered users. Moreover, Its Twitter handle has 4,25,000 followers.

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