PM Narendra Modi to launch several projects in Vadodara today


Ahmedabad:  PM Narendra Modi is likely to visit Gujarat today for the third time in the month of October. During his visit, he will launch several projects in Bhavnagar and Vadodara districts today.

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As per the reports, Modi will launch the initial phase of ferry service amid Ghogha in Bhavnagar district and Dahej in Bharuch in the Gulf of Cambay. The government has spent Rs 615 crore on this project.

PM Narendra Modi will give speech during his visit in Ghogha and later will go to Dahej from Ghogha on the ship. After Dahej, he will head to Vadodara where he is slated to launch several projects of Rs 1,140 crore.

On Sunday, Ajay Bhadoo, Chief Executive Officer of Gujarat Maritime Board affirmed that first phase of ferry to be launched by PM Modi for its passengers.

“It is a complex project which involves complicated marine structure of the Gulf of Cambay, on which it is built. The service reduces the distance between the two towns from 310 kilometres by road to 30 kilometres which can be covered in 1 hour,” Bhadoo added.

PM Modi will launch eight new projects in Vadodara of worth Rs 1,140 crore.

Vadodara municipal commissioner Vinod Rao stated, “PM Modi will offer to individual a Rs 100 crore city command, control centre in Badamadi Garden, Rs 125-crore Janmahal city transport hub and multi-level parking (under PPP), a Rs 160 crore multi-modal city transport hub, Rs 267 crore waste-to-energy processing plant.”

Moreover, Narendra Modi will also launch Rs 166 crore water treatment plant, Rs 55 crore deer safari park, two flyovers of worth Rs 265 crore as well as Rs 6 crore veterinary hospitals.

During his visit, Modi will also give lecture to people at Navlakhi compound in Vadodara. He had gone to Vadnagar on 8 October and also launched several projects in Rajkot, Vadnagar, Gandhinagar, Bharuch.

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Gujarat will witness elections in the month of December this year.