PM Modi reviews each minister to ensure implementation of policies


New Delhi. In the wake to review how every department of his government has been spent the allocated rupee since June 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today held a five-hour long meeting with his entire bunch of Council of Ministers. And at the end of the meeting, Modi indicated to his ministers that they can’t take easy as he will hold the similar exercise in every three months.

The meeting began at 4 PM and ended at 9 PM. At the end, PM Modi asked his council of ministers to think out of the box to make sure that the benefit of allocations from budget should reach the last dominator. He even asked ministries which were straggling in performance to do better.

PM told ministers to cut delays in implementing projects and schemes.

A senior minister said, “The PM, without speaking about any ministry in specific, said there is delay in execution of some projects. He said that the impact of policies will surely improve if we cut down the delays.

Having a total of 42 key departments in the Indian Government, the meeting involved a review of how every department has executed and how productively allocations were made under the past three budgets the NDA government has presented.

The Finance Secretary and secretaries of respective departments made detailed presentations of over 100 pages to ministers to back up their departments' performance.

Pm Modi asked them to improve. If his government has got political attacks for not keeping promises made in the party declarations, he asked the ministers to get through the campaign documents and shape & implement policies to ensure that the public trust on their promises made during the campaign.

The review made it clear that the fixed targets were met for the year 2014-15. The PM urged the ministers to ensure the completion of 2015-16 agenda and work should start in earnest to make sure that 2016-17 is better in terms of delivery.

PM Modi has been taking a meeting of his council every month. But these monthly meets were only to review the performance of only four-five ministries and departments.

Yesterday’s meet had heightened the speculation about a long awaited cabinet reign by PM Modi. Sources in the government had indicated that the PM is holding the review as a measure to judge how ministers have performed. Though there is buzz that the reshuffle may happen in the next two-three days along with changes in BJP President Amit Shah's team, there was no clear confirmation from the centre.