PM Modi, Ministers to discuss about Uri Terror Attack to seek response from government


NEW DELHI: Atleast 17 soldiers were died in terror attack that took place in Uri on Sunday at an army base in Jammu and Kashmir. PM Narendra Modi will meet with ministers in Delhi to take the government's reaction. 

Here are the latest developments in the story:

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1. Top sources said the administration is clear there must be an aligned reaction from India to the assault. India, the sources said, could raise the Uri assault at the United Nations General Assembly, which is in session in New York.

2. Resistance Minister Manohar Parrikar toward the beginning of today informed the Prime Minister, who is holding an audit meeting with Mr Parrikar, Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

3. Rajnath Singh held a different meeting with Mr Parrikar and Army Chief Dalbir Singh, both of who went by Jammu and Kashmir yesterday after the assault, and other top authorities.

4. At an opportune time Sunday morning, four fear mongers sneaked into the base terminating AK-47s and tossing projectiles, killing warriors dozing in tents that burst into flames. Twenty fighters were harmed, seven of them fundamentally.

5. India has specifically pointed the finger at Pakistan for the assault. "Pakistan is a fear based oppressor state and it ought to be recognized and detached thusly," Home Minister Rajnath Singh said, including that the assailants were "exceedingly prepared, vigorously furnished and uncommonly prepared".

6. Pakistan has rejected what it called "ridiculous and flippant allegations" and said it was, "despicable that the Indian Minister pointed the finger at Pakistan for the occurrence even preceding directing legitimate examination."

7. The Army said there are clear signs that the fear mongers have a place with the Pakistan-based gathering Jaish-e-Mohammed. Four AK-47 rifles, explosive launchers, an expansive number of projectiles and sustenance with Pakistani markings were found in inquiry operations.

8. The assault happened amid a change of order at the base and warriors from two regiments – 6 Bihar and 10 Dogra – were available. 15 of the troopers slaughtered were from the Bihar regiment.

9. Two of the fighters who kicked the bucket are from Jammu, two from Jharkhand, three from Bihar, four from Uttar Pradesh, two from Bengal, three from Maharashtra and one from Rajasthan.

10. The psychological oppressors are accepted to have crossed a channel along the Line of Control, slice through the fencing and penetrated into Kashmir. The Uri camp could be seen from the slope tops over the outskirt and it is likely that the fear based oppressors knew that the regiments were turning over, sources said.

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